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Enjoy of the taste & aroma of the noble Persian cuisines!

Persian Food

10 foods that you must try on a trip to Iran

1. Dizi/Abgoosht : A kind of a stew consists of the lamb, legumes, potato, aromatic dried limes & served with freshly baked flat bread & different kinds of pickles plus refreshing Doogh (Persian traditional beverage)!

2. Kabab : Among the different types of Kebabs in Iran, Kebab Kubide considered as the most popular & delicious one. It has only two ingredients: minced lamb or veal & onion!

It can be served with a freshly baked flat bread (the best goes with nan-e Sangak - a national whole wheat flatbread which is baked on a bed of small river stones!), grilled tomato, green or purple basil & of course Doogh!

If it is served with a fluffy buttery saffron rice (Chelow) instead of a flat bread, then it is Chelow Kabab!

3. Zereshk Polow Ba Morgh : A very popular meal among Iranians & tourists; Consisted of chicken stew & Iranian style aromatic saffron rice (polo) plus barberry on the top.

4. Tahchin : A hearty rice cake from Iran; crispy outside & soft inside! Consisted of aromatic Iranian rice, saffron, yogurt & more often chicken or sometimes lamb within. Served with barberry, pistachio or almond slices on the top.

5. Baqala Polow ba Goosht : a very tasty & popular pilaf which consists of rice, Lima bean, dill & spice; served with lamb or chicken stew. The lamb stew is often made of lamb’s neck or its muscle.

6. Fesenjan: a very tasty & nutritious stew which can taste sweet, sour-sweet or sour. It is a unique combination of duck or chicken, walnut, pomegranate syrup & spice.

Sometimes instead of duck or chicken, meatball can be used. It is served with the Persian aromatic fluffy plain rice (Polo).

7. Qorme Sabzi: A very tasty national meal in Iran! A delicious mix of the lamb, aromatic leafy herbs, red beans, dried limes & spice. It is served alongside with Iranian aromatic fluffy plain rice (Polo) & Shirazi salad (Cucumber+ tomato+ onion+ lemon juice) or yoghurt as a side dish.

8. Āsh Reshte : There are more than 50 types of thick soup (āsh) in Iranian cooking & this is one of the more popular types, featuring Reshteh (thin noodles), Kashk (a whey-like, fermented dairy product), leafy herbs, legumes, onions, garlic & dried mint.

It is served with Kashk, fried onions & fried dried spearmint.

9. Mirza Qasemi : Is a Northern Iranian (originally from Gilan province) delicious appetizer or main meal, based on tandoori or grilled eggplant & tomato, seasoned with garlic, turmeric bound together with eggs. Usually served with a fresh flat bread or fluffy plain rice.

10. Beryani : A tasty combination of lamb, onion & spices that originally is from Isfahan & served with freshly baked flat bread and fresh basil.