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Forgotten Civilization 

IRAN TOURS (Forgotten Civilization) 

Forgotten Civilization

Tehran - Kashan - Isfahan -Naein - Yazd - Shiraz - Qeshm Island - Tehran

12 Days

 traditional hotels - 3 Star hotels - guest houses


1st day:  

Flight  from Europien city - Intercity city - Tehran.

We are processing visa formalities upon arrival. Transfer to the hotel, a short rest at the hotel in Tehran.

2nd day:  Tehran 

Breakfast. Golestan  Palace. If possible Jewelry museum . Going to drive to Kashan. Visiting historical houses of Kashan. UNESCO heritage Fin garden.

 Overnight stay at the hotel in Kashan.

3rd day :   Isfahan.

Breakfast. In the morning we heading towards Isfahan. Let's meet the most beautiful city of Iran. We will look at the famous Isfahan arch bridges - Khaju  and Siose pol Bridges. They look spectacular  at night light . Visiting Abbasi Hotel - the mostly rich hotel in Iran, which used to be caravansarai

Overnight at Hotel in Isfahan

4th day :   Isfahan.

Breakfast. We continue to sightseeing in Isfahan.  Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians and Muslims were and still living here shoulder to shoulder. We will visit the Armenian Cathedral and the Armenian Quarter. After going to Chechel Sotun Palace.  Enjoying Nagshe Jhahn Square, which is called "half of the world" because of its size . Imam and Lotfollah mosques which are called the masterpieces of Iranian architecture. Visiting residence palace of Shah Abbas - Ali Kapu Palace. Visiting Bazare Bozorg - Grand bazaar, the most beautiful oriental market in Iran. Here you can buy the most impressive souvenirs and also see how craftsmen produce them.Overnight at Hotel in Isfahan.

5th day :  Isfahan - Nain - Yazd.

Breakfast. Going to Yazd. Visiting one of Iran's oldest mosques. It is believed that the mosque was built by one of the first followers of the Prophet Muhammad - Caliph Omar .  After arrival to  Yazd will stroll through the narrow, labyrinth streets of the adobe town.

Overnight in Hotel of  Yazd.

6th day :  

Breakfast. Visiting Towers of Silence - a unique burial place for zoroastrians. According to the Zoroastrian religion, water, earth and fire are sacred, so it is forbidden to pollute them by the bodies of dead people. 

Visiting the Temple of Eternal Fire, Ateshkade. It is believed that holy fire is burning here more then thousand  years.

Going to Water Museum, where we will get to know about  water supply system into deserted city . We will see the irrigation and air cooling system of a wealthy city dweller and see - badgirs -windbreakers.

Before sunset we will climb onto the roof of the old city where opens spectacular view on big clay  Yazd city with its magnificent mosques.

 Overnight in Yazd Hotel.

7th day :  Yazd - Naksha Rostam - Persepolis


Breakfast. Heading towards Shiraz. On the way visiting Achemenid time tombs -Nakshe Rostam. These are the princes of the rulers of the Achemenid Empire, rising from the surface of the earth. The huge cross-shaped bas-reliefs on the cave tell about the great past of huge Achemenid impire. This is an impressive place, stunning in size.

 Visiting ancient Persepolis built by Darius the Great: Gates of All Nations. Apadana, Harem, Treasury.  Persepolis is an ancient Persian religious representative center, about 70 km from the present city of Shiraz.  Here you will also see the symbol of the winged deity Faravahar. It is the most impressive ancient building in the Middle East, listed on the UNESCO Heritage List.

We will inter Shiraz city from Quran Gates. 


Overnight in Hotel in Shiraz.

8th day :  Shiraz.

Breakfast.  Visiting Shiraz - the cultural capital of Persia. We will start the tour from visiting the mostly loved by photographers Naser ol Molk Mosque. It is richly decorated with stained glass. We will explore the famous Karim Khan Citadel in the center of the city. Will take a walk in the authentic Vakil Bazaar occupied by nomads specially of Qashqai tribe. 

 As every Iranian must to visit the Mausoleum of the Iranian poet Hafiz at least once in his life we will do that too.

 Overnight in Hotel in Shiraz.

9th day :  Shiraz - Keshm Island.

Breakfast. Flight to the largest island of  Persian Gulf, Qeshma. This tropical island is distinguished by its wonderful nature and unusual coastline. However, there are almost no historical monuments here. Nature is attracting us. We will stay in  traditional guest house. Getting to know Loft city where we'll meet the sunset while admiring the huge Dou boats that have stagnated in the gulf at the tide. We're heading to Taft. If possible, we will visit the city festival and enjoy sea food. Accommodation in a guest house in Taft.

10th day :  Qeshm Island.

Breakfast. A trip in the island. We will go to the Valley of the Stars - a strange and wonderful mountains, which were formed thousands of years ago by an earthquake and formed very narrow and straight slits, like a razor cut. Rain and breeze shaped the walls of the mountains, carved a canyon. Travelers  admire hundreds of sculptors made by nature.

Salt Caves. The retreated sea left the salt treasures in the hills of the island. We will visit one of the largest and most colorful salt caves on Qeshm. 

Going by boat to Hengam island to see dolphins if possible.

Visiting the valley of wells. Hidden valley of water streams made strange view of the moon. Easy route to the most beautiful wells.

Overnight in Taft in a traditional guest house

11th day :  Qeshm Island - flight to Tehran.

Breakfast. In the morning you will have some free time on the island. Flight to Tehran. Traveling to the hotel and after a break we go to the Fire and Water Park for a farewell dinner. Free time in the city.

Short break at the hotel in Tehran.

12th day :  Flight from Qeshm Island to Shiraz & then visiting Daryache-ye-Namak Maharloo (a Salt Lake). Overnight at Forugh Hotel in Shiraz.

Service inclusions :

  • Visa application & reference code (Visa fee needs to be paid directly by the applicants to the Iranian Consulate or at the airport)

  • All group transfers from/to airports, to/from hotels

  • All inland group transportations

  • Domestic flights

  • Accommodation in  3 star hotels - traditional hotels - Qeshm island (quest house )

  • Breakfast

  • Entrance fees for the main sites & excursions

  • English-speaking tour guide

Service Excludes :

  • International airfare 

  • Visa fee and Personal insurance

  • Lunch & Dinner

  • Tips & Portages